I am very excited to announce I will be running another speciality photography workshop – Documentary Photography & Storytelling – hosted by the prestigious Nikon School, Switzerland. There are limited places available so book soon! I will be running further workshops in collaboration with the Nikon School in autumn 2019.

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    30 MAY 2019 | Join us for this Architecture Photography Workshop in the renowned Paul Klee Zentrum in Bern.

    Along with hands-on theoretical sessions on techniques for photographing architecture and interactive photo critiques, participants will capture the intriguing Paul Klee Zentrum in Berne as well as a new residential estate. Bookings are now open.

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    31 MAY 2019 | Learn the skills of picture selection.

    This half-day workshop focusses on how to choose the ideal picture for social media, print media, photo competitions etc. Never overlook the best photo again!

    Bookings are now open.

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    23 MARCH 2019 | Twisted Realities, Mistaken Identities – Photographing Irony.

    A new workshop run in association with Australian photographer Alison Pouliot.

    While photographs are often regarded as a definitive record of reality, this workshop examines the conflicting realities, dual perspectives and incongruities that introduce an ironic element into photography and sharpen its subversive power.

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